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Out(bound) with the Old –
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The Future of Marketing and Sales

It’s 2019, and we’re all online! Buyer behavior has changed. How does this impact your customer acquisition process, and how can you stand out from the crowd? At this point, buyer behaviors are vastly different than they used to be a decade ago. Today, customers are better informed and do their own research prior to making a purchase. They have become self-sufficient consumers, with the desire to enjoy the process of acquisition, and a demand to build trusting relationships with their suppliers. It’s become inevitably clear that old marketing techniques, such as cold calling, don’t work anymore for these new buyer behavior trends.

It means that your traditional marketing strategies need to be overhauled to make way for new approaches (of doing business). The future of marketing and sales is called Inbound. Inbound Marketing, not only takes into account the constantly changing behavior patterns of customers, but uniquely combines quality content with context, in order to ensure that your business reaches the right people, at the right time, in the right place – all cost efficiently.

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Sebastian Schieke
Sebastian Schieke
Managing Director
Sebastian Schieke

Founder and Managing Director of NOVELDO, experienced businessman with strong consulting experience, digitalization advocate, thinks outside the box. Passion for innovation and transformation.

Marissa Walker
Marissa Walker
Digital Marketing Manager
Marissa Walker

Digital Marketing Manager with strengths in digital engagement and graphic design. An American and an experienced writer with a creative spirit who moonlights as a professional circus artist.

Eva Michely
Eva Michely
Executive Assistant
Eva Michely

Assistant to the Managing Director with organizational talent, a love for languages and an eye for detail. Eva earned her degree in the humanities and is passionate about all kinds of text.